Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heightened Security

We relocated our offices last week. It wasn’t a big move distance wise, we simply moved over a couple of buildings. You’d think this should be a piece of cake; we are a commercial real estate company after all. We’re moving our clients around all of the time. You’d think we’d be good at this. You’d be wrong.

Planning a new office space is all about the details. Phone switchovers, placement of electrical outlets, toilet paper holders.

In our old office, the toilet paper holders in the bathrooms did not have locks. I know this for a fact. The toilet paper holders in the new digs on the other hand are secured with a special key.

I can only imagine what problem prompted the solution of locking down the toilet paper holders in order that only toilet paper authorized personal could have access.

We haven’t assigned this task to anyone in our office yet. None of us believes ourselves qualified to bear this responsibility. We all realize that, six months from now, if not sooner, that key which is now taped to the toilet paper holder will be nowhere to be found.
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