Friday, March 30, 2012

CSX…In the News

This morning HoCo residents awoke to news of a CSX “ freight train collision” in Jessup. A story about the incident by Elizabeth Janney in Elkridge Patch  immediately linked the accident to the HoCo loco intermodal controversy.

While the proposed intermodal site in Hanover has gotten most of the attention, some loco politicos have suggested that the Montevideo Road site might be the better choice. Those residents used this incident to suggest that they don't want an intermodal terminal either. The Montevideons cited this freight train collision as further evidence of the “impact of having a large-scale freight operation which may be rife with hazardous materials near their homes.”

The thing is, this wasn’t really so much a collision as it was a derailment. No one was injured and damage appeared relatively minimal. WUSA didn't even use the word collision in their report. They called it a minor train derailment. They have pictures too. 

Yesterday, just before this  happened, CSX announced that it was adding 140 jobs in Maryland this year, including new jobs right here in Jessup. I didn’t hear or read any stories with quotes from politicos, economic development authorities or chambers of commerce welcoming this news. In fairness, it could be that the press was only minimally interested and nobody asked. An announcement of 140 layoffs or news of an accident that hurt or killed someone would be much more interesting I suppose.
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