Friday, March 02, 2012

Getting Closer to Our Co-Workers

If it seems like its getting a little tighter at your office than it probably is. A recent research study conducted by CoreNet Global predicts that the average amount of space allocated to each employee in an office will drop below a hundred square feet within the next five years.

This is part of a trend. In 2010 the average allotment was 225 square feet, today the average is 176 square feet.

"The main reason for the declines," said Richard Kadzis, CoreNet Global's vice president of strategic communications, "is the huge increase in collaborative and team-oriented space inside a growing number of companies that are stressing 'smaller but smarter' workplaces against the backdrop of continuing economic uncertainty and cost containment."

I noticed this in HoCo loco offices too. The majority of my clients that are currently renewing leases, are focused on gaining new efficiencies in their spaces. Sometimes this means a file room gets eliminated in favor of off site storage, other times it means reducing the suite size and getting everyone to just cozy up a little.

It hasn’t hit our office, yet. Even though our office is ninety percent open work plan, we still work out to 284 square feet per person. I don’t know how long we’ll sustain that but for now I’m grateful
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