Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Loco Blog Stuff

They had such a good time last month they just couldn’t wait to do it again. I’m talking about a Blogtail Party here.

I love that name. I know others hate it. They’ve told me so. But I kinda like it. It feels like ours. I still think that HoCo is unique in having these hyper loco blog tweet social mainstream media mash up thingys.

Anyway, Sarah, our HoCo loco public transportation advocate and Julia, of Oakland Mills are cosponsoring the next gathering of the HoCo loco blog tribe on Wednesday, April 11th at the Second Chance Saloon in Oakland Mills. The details are all here.

Second Chance is nice little tavern. Good food, loco characters at the bar, and a respectable selection of beers on tap.

A few years back a guy named Matt started a blog called HoCo Matt. It was a pretty good blog and Matts a decent writer but he actually still lived in DC. He wrote that he was thinking of moving to HoCo, only he didn’t. Matt folded the HoCo Matt tent and returned to being DC loco.

Now he’s back, for real this time apparently.  His new blog is appropriately named Lost In Columbia. With its circular roads and “I can see it but I can’t get to it” places, Columbia is truly an acquired taste. I trust Matt will acquire it over time. In any event, Matt posted that he will be attending Sarah and Julia's party, that is if he can find the place without getting lost...
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