Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sonic Burger Coming to EC

Yesterday, "Deep Throat", one of my commercial real estate colleagues who specializes in restaurants, told me that Sonic Burger is coming to HoCo. The drive-in restaurant chain with car hops is reportedly building a new store on the site of the former 84 Lumber Store between Bethany Lane and Pine Orchard Lane…about a mile and a half up the pike from Checkers, another drive-in burger joint.

On one hand, I think the car hop drive-in idea is kind of retro fun. I can easily imagine car guys strutting off their rides on weekend summer nights like a scene from Mel's Drive-In in American Graffiti. On the other hand, another drive thru fast food restaurant on the Route 40 doesn’t seem to do much for improving the car centric image of this HoCo commercial corridor.

I just hope the burgers are good.
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