Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Everybody Likes the Judges

If you think most voters don’t pay attention to the school board races, it is even worse for the Circuit Court judge’s race. Incumbent judges running for reelection in a non partisan race have a disproportionate advantage due to their extensive loco network from serving on the bench. That is certainly case for Lenore Gelfman and William Tucker. Yesterday I caught this loco politico all star ad for their reelection.
Apparently no one wants to run risk of getting on the wrong side of a judge.

They do have a challenger though. Columbia attorney Clarke Ahlers would like to replace at least one of them. According to this story by Andrea F. Siegel in The Sun Ahlers “said his effort to win a judgeship is not a reflection on Gelfman and Tucker. Rather, he said, he'd like to bring efficiencies he sees in other courts where he's had cases and fresh perspectives to the court.”
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