Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HoCo’s Inland Port

The Port of Baltimore surpassed New York in auto shipping tonnage for the first half of 2011 making it the top auto port in the nation. According to this story by Michael Dresser in The Sun, “exports of American autos through Baltimore were up 38 percent during the first half, compared with a 25 percent increase for New York.”

HoCo is a direct beneficiary of this growth at the port. In a 150 acre yard in Jessup, TDSI, a CSX subsidiary, operates the largest auto distribution center in the CSX system. With parking for approximately 9,000 vehicles, the TDSI facility handles up to 450,000 cars annually.

According to a CSX company newsletter, the “subsidiary offers additional vehicle handling services through a network of automobile distribution facilities, storage locations, and facilities providing service to Eastern, Gulf and Southeastern ports.” 
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