Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Other HoCo Site

HoCo has two sites out of the four being considered for a new intermodal transfer terminal by CSX and the Maryland Department of Transportation; one in Hanover and the other in Jessup.

Yesterday I walked the Jessup site. It is located just off Montevideo Road next to the former Baltimore Air Coil headquarters. I was curious to see if this site would have any other industrial development potential should CSX/MDOT decide to take a pass on it.

I don’t think our firm will be pursuing this any further. Though the site shows some promise from the aerial, the conditions on the ground tell a different story. For one, there is a stream running through the property, for another, there is a fairly significant gully right around the middle. As if this wasn’t enough to spoil any hopes of carving out a developable site, the property is also bisected by the future path of Dorsey Run Road.

For CSX/MDOT these issues could prove insurmountable, particularly given that part of the stream runs right along the railroad tracks.
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