Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Foose by Default?

Yesterday  the two finalists for HoCo Schools Superintendent were introduced to the HoCo public for the first time. Today we find out that one of them has already agreed to take a job with Baltimore County. According to this story by Liz Bowie in The Sun, S. Dallas Dance “has been chosen as the next superintendent in Baltimore County.”

HoCo better move fast if it likes the other candidate, Renee Foose. Renee is also being considered for a superintendents job in Orange County Florida.

UPDATE: According to this story by Sara Toth in Explore Howard, "Renee Foose will be Howard County's next school superintendent, Board of Education Chairwoman Sandra French said Tuesday morning."

"I am ecstatic and honored to be named Howard County's next superintendent," Foose said Tuesday morning. "I would have started at 8 a.m. today if they would have had me."

Nothing like hitting the ground running...
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