Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just Us Chickens

A couple of days ago my buddy Pat Weymouth sent me this notice. He told me that a friend of his, who lives in a relatively new development on Sheppards Lane in Clarksville, found it in their mailbox recently.

This relatively new development is adjacent to a relatively older 150 acre farm owned by Marshall Rae. Marshall Rae happens to have a mailing address in Milford, DE. As Pat pointed out to me, “ground zero for chickens..”

Today I saw this story by Jessica Anderson in The Sun about a “nauseating” smell complaint received by the HoCo Health Dept.   Residents reported  “a nauseating, pungent odor from the area of Maryland 108 and Sheppard Lane.”

That’s a country smell baby. The health department followed up “and found the source to be coming from fertilizer on a large farm."

"They received the same calls last year, she said. They expect rain to reduce the stench.”

I wonder how the HoCo loco politicos handle these calls. The temptation to ask what they expected when they bought a home next to farm must be difficult to resist. I don’t think I could do it.

And speaking of shepherds, Mary Catherine Cochran shared this video on her facebook page today. Good stuff.
Happy Ides of March, a good day for the Italians to celebrate with the Irish.
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