Monday, March 26, 2012

Lisbon’s Last Stand

I had not paid too much attention to the debate over creating a single fire tax district in HoCo until tonight. I was aware that some folks in the rural west we’re not happy with this idea but I had not taken the time to better understand the issue. To get up to speed, this evening I watched the county council public hearing on the legislation (CB9-2012).

It seems as if the western opposition is primarily in Lisbon, which is way out west. You can almost see Mt Airy from there.

It’s gotten a little ugly. In his testimony before the council, HoCo Fire Chief William Goddard openly accused the Lisbon Volunteer Company of being more concerned with their own fundraising than the general welfare of HoCo. 
After listening to the testimony from both sides, I come out in support of this initiative. Hopefully the lads and ladies in Lisbon will come around on this too...eventually. 

It seems to make sense.
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