Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Stuff

 I figured I’d better get this post written today because if I waited until tomorrow it might be taken as an April Fools joke.

First of all, an acquaintance told me that school board member Allen Dyer is more concerned with terrorists than train derailments at the Oxford Square middle school site. My friend was among the thirty or so people who turned out for the most recent school board candidate’s forum on Wednesday in Elkridge. They told me that Allen believes there is a real threat that terrorists will target trains on the Camden Line near Oxford Square and blow them up.


The HoCo teachers union arranged a HoCo loco robo-call blitz for its school board candidates, and conveniently forgot to include the all important authority line. In responding to a post about the omission on 53 Beers on Tap, the union prez, Paul Lemle tried to spin the robo-call gaffe by saying “The call didn't mention HCEA because of a mistake by the firm we hired to place the call.”

Aren’t teachers always telling us to check our work before we send it in?

By the way, I hate robo-calls, especially on loco stuff. I suggest that the union isn’t doing their candidates any big favor here. I would not be surprised to find that these robo-calls turn off as many voters as they tune in.

The Columbia Council race in the Village of Hickory Ridge got momentarily interesting. Contrary to what I was told earlier, Gregg Schwind, the incumbent, has decided to seek reelection. He almost had a challenger too, Doug Staub. You may have heard of Doug. He was the guy behind the big teen party in Oakland Mills that CA pulled the plug on at the last minute.

He was mad about that too. In this story by David Greisman in Explore Howard he told the reporter he “believes the decision to cancel the event was racist.”

"They pulled the plug insinuating that these kids would have mass riots because these urban kids don't know how to act," said Staub, who is white. "That, to me, is a pretty bold statement to make."

It turns out that he was disqualified from running because of some technicality over his eligibility according to the village by-laws.

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