Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Table Lamp Tale Three

My vacuum table lamp has finally gone to the dump. After my failed attempt to masquerade our old vacuum as a table lamp in order to qualify for curbside bulk pickup I tossed it in the back of the truck and drove out to Alpha Ridge.

It’s not like I had to make a special trip; I had to go out there anyway because this year spring arrived before HoCo curbside yard waste collection started. Over the past few weekends we've generated our first yard waste of the season as we cut and trimmed around our house. Back in January I had been told that my neighborhood had year round yard waste collection because we were also located in the kitchen waste disposal pilot area. Apparently that changed because, for two weeks in a row, nobody collected our clippings. We didn't get that memo.

No problem, I simply loaded the green lawn bags and a trash can filled with clippings into the back of the truck along with the vacuum table lamp and headed west.

After depositing the vacuum table lamp in the electronics dumpster, I drove out to yard waste disposal area, past the transfer station, where I met another HoCo loco who found themselves a bit ahead of the yard waste collection cycle too.
This is a nice part of our dump and I actually enjoyed my trip out there. It will probably be the only time I’ll need to go there this year though. Curbside yard waste collection starts next week and will continue through January 18, 2013.
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