Sunday, March 04, 2012

Come Monday

Tomorrow night, the fourteen candidates vying for three open seats on the HoCo school board, will participate in a candidates forum sponsored by the HoCo League of Women Voters. This will be the best opportunity get to learn more about the candidates and more importantly, how they conduct themselves in a public forum.
In other words, it will be a big night for HoCo loco poltico wonks, like me. In addition to the working press, the forum will be attended by a few members of the HoCo loco blogging community. 53 Beers on Tap has already weighed in on five people he won’t be supporting so presumably he’s going to learn more about the other nine.

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending due to a prior commitment. Fortunately, I’ll still get chance to view the proceedings. The LVW is planning to tape the forum and make it available online. I’ll provide a link here later in the week.

And yes, I will watch the whole thing. Besides, Ellen Flynn Giles, the only other candidate that I really have a strong opinion about is Allen Dyer. I am supporting Ellen but not Allen. If Allen loses in the primary, it may provide an early end to the impeachment drama and I’m all for that. That leaves two more choices for me to make before the primary on April 3rd when the field of fourteen will be winnowed to six.

The LWV forum will be held tomorrow night at the School Board Meeting Room in the Board of Education headquarters on Route 108 in Columbia from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
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