Thursday, March 01, 2012

In Like a Kitten

When I left my office and headed towards Ellicott City this afternoon, I kept my camera at the ready. I wanted to capture some image that embodied this exceptional first day of March.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot in front of the Little French Market in Ellicott City, I knew I had my shot. It was staring me right in the eyes.

“You two seem to really be enjoying this day,” I said as I got out of the car.

“We are!” they cheerfully replied.

“Would you mind if I took your picture?”

“What’s it for?”

“I write a local blog and I wanted to put something up about how great it is to be out enjoying the sun on March 1st,” I explained, handing them one of my wordbones cards.

“Cool,” they said, they being Lauren Vespa and Kristen Parlette.

For a month that is supposed to do that whole  "in like a lion out like a lamb" thing, today was more of a kitten. It was just purrfect.
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