Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sheila and Me

This morning Sheila Kast had a segment about the proposed CSX intermodal terminal on her Maryland Morning program. Her guest was Louis Renjel, CSX Vice President for Strategic Infrastructure Initiatives. She also had recorded comments from Robyn Winder and Kurt Schneckenburger, two HoCo residents who oppose locating the facility at the Hanover site.

After the opponents said their piece Sheila then told Louis that he had "at least some supporters" in HoCo, namely yours truly. I welcomed the opportunity to share my perspective.

I happen to think that having the intermodal terminal located in one of the two HoCo sites would be beneficial to our local economy. With over 42 million square feet of distribution space located within HoCo, having an intermodal terminal here would help keep those businesses and their jobs in HoCo. Currently over 7 million square feet of that space is vacant. 

If increased freight traffic associated with this project is going to be traveling through HoCo, we should at least be able to reap some direct benefit.

You can listen to the ten minute segment here.
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