Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rent a Duck

The first time I vacationed in the Caribbean I stayed at anall inclusive resort just outside Montego Bay in Jamaica. We were advised by our travel agent not to venture beyond the resort gates unless we were part of an organized tour. The State Department website advises that “Crime, including violent crime, is a serious problem in Jamaica, particularly in Kingston and Montego Bay.”

I haven’t been back. When I travel to another country, I want to experience the country beyond resort walls on my own without being hustled at every turn. There are plenty of places in the Caribbean where you can do that. Curacao is one of them.

For venturing beyond our hotel in Curacao we decided to rent a Duck.

Ducks United calls itself “a nostalgic holiday car rental company.” On Curacao the company rents out a small fleet of Citroen 2CVs. The Dutch nicknamed them "Ducks." 

We got a green one.
It turned out to be an excellent way to connect with the locos and fellow tourists too. The car was a people magnet.
Kids loved it too.
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