Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HoCo BOE Wannabees 2

I watched the second half of the League of Women Voters Board of Education candidates forum last night. The candidates in the second group were Olga Butler, Ann DeLacy, Pat Gordon, Allen Dyer, Leslie Kornreich, Ellen Flynn Giles, and Jackie Scott.

Before even watching this group, I had already decided that Ellen Flynn Giles was someone I’d like to see reelected. Over the past year I have witnessed her in action and had the opportunity to talk with her one on one. Watching her performance in the candidates’ forum only reinforced my belief that she is well suited to serve on the school board.

As for the others, no one else in this group stood out for me, except Olga Butler. I really liked what I heard from her but the problem was I didn’t hear enough. I wish she had jumped in on more of the questions. Ms Butler is someone who definitely warrants a closer look.

What was it about her that impressed me?

Olga Butler struck me as someone who is capable of working collaboratively with an open mind. This is a quality that I believe makes for a good board member. It is important to bring new ideas to the table but in order to turn good ideas into action you need to build consensus from a majority of your fellow board members who may a have a good idea or two of their own worth considering.

Allen Dyer used every opportunity he had to attack his fellow incumbents and former board member Pat Gordon. He attempted to distinguish himself from the “current board majority” saying “we need a new majority.”
Presumably he means a new majority led by him.
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