Sunday, March 18, 2012


As I walked out of Pasta Blitz on Friday night I spotted this red rascal in the parking lot. As I moved around the car, snapping pictures a young dad walked by carrying one of his progenies while another hung onto his side.

“I have these instead,” he quipped.

“You got a better deal,” I suggested.

Then again, this NSX wasn't really meant for car seats. This is the kind of car you own if you have another car for the tasks of daily life. On the other hand it is considered one of the most reliable exotic sports cars manufactured. It is not unusual for an owner to rack up 100,000 miles without serious mechanical issues.
I’m not sure what year this was, I didn't meet the owner. I did note that it had historic tags, indicating that it is least twenty years old.
The two door coupe was last sold in 2005. The thing is, in North America the car was marketed as the Acura NSX, not Honda. Everywhere else it was sold as the Honda NSX. This particular version seems to have it both ways. While the car sports large Honda decals, it has an Acura medallion on the hood.

And just in case you missed the fun last time around, Acura is bringing the NSX back in 2013.
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