Sunday, August 03, 2008

Baugher Update

About a year ago I wrote a little post about a roadside farm stand on New Cut Road in Ellicott City. What I did not share at the time was the ongoing deliberations as to the status of this portion of New Cut Road.

The intersection of New Cut and Montgomery Road has always been a little tricky. Cars looking to exit New Cut on to Montgomery often have a difficult time.

The construction of the new Glen Mar United Methodist Church accross the road from Baughers includes a rerouting of a portion of New Cut Road. This new alignment bypasses the little farm stand. Last year the county was contemplating “dead ending” the section of New Cut that runs in front of the stand. This plan did not sit well with the Baughers who have operated this farm stand for over 70 years.

Yesterday, when I stopped to buy some fresh picked corn, Joan Baugher informed me that the road will now be restricted to turn ins only from Montgomery Road when the road work is completed. The family is pleased with this plan. The little stretch of road that runs in front of the farm stand will be renamed “Baugher Farm Road.”

It remains unclear when this work will be completed and these changes put in place.