Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Another company’s growing pains has given me pain this week. Martek Biosciences is expanding their headquarters’ offices in the Columbia Business Center on Dobbin Road. I think they are taking over another 16,000 square feet or so in the nine building office park. We are in their way.

Our operation occupies a pleasant little 1,600 square foot suite just across a tree lined sidewalk from Martek. I see the Martek people in their offices every time I go in and out of my office. We smile politely at each other. Sometimes we nod our heads. We’ve been together for over two years now.

Now they are consuming our space.

It’s not all so bad of course. Our landlord has gone beyond his lease obligation to relocate us to comparable space and cover our costs. He threw in a couple of nice upgrades to keep us happy.

The best part is that we’ll now get cable. Comcast hadn’t wired up our current building yet. The new building is wired.

Still, moving is a pain in the you know what. Last week we packed, today the systems furniture guys dismantled our systems. Our tech guy is having issues with Comcast on the switchover to their service and if there is something I really need it is undoubtedly buried in a mismarked box somewhere.

On the other hand a growing Martek is good for Columbia, good for HoCo and good for Maryland.

No pain, no gain.
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