Monday, June 01, 2009

Harbins Last Stand

I have an affinity for farm stands. It’s no so much the fresh produce and flowers with me, it more the aesthetics. Farm stands always seem to brighten up their little corner of the world. I've previously written about the Baugher farm stand in Ellicott City but one of my other favorites is the Harbin Farm stand on Old Frederick Road (Route 99). 

Its days may be numbered. 

According to this story by Derek Simmonsen in the Howard County Times, the Harbin Farms stand needs a zoning change to remain in business. Since the family sold off the farm that sat behind the stand, it no longer has the right to continue operating at this location without the change. 

“Attorney Thomas Meachum, who represents the business, said they are requesting a change to business zoning with a restriction that would only allow it to operate as a farmer’s market/produce stand. Rezoning a property that is slightly larger than one acre would not set a larger precedent and any future changes would still require Zoning Board approval, he said.” 

For the most part, most of the neighbors seem supportive of the stand. At the Planning Board hearing last Thursday proponents greatly outnumbered opponents. “About 42 people signed up to testify for the business, but most were unable to do so before time ran out.

I dropped by the stand this morning and met Robert, Will and Rufus as they got ready for the days customers. They hope that the overwhelming support shown at the meeting will convince the Planning Board to make the recommendation to approve the change. 

I hope so too.