Sunday, June 14, 2009

DC Road Trip

Mama Wordbones and I had that seemingly rare opportunity to get away for a weekend by ourselves. CG (College Girl, Cute Girl, Country Girl and so on) was available to stay with our aging dogs so we decided to take a little road trip and spend the night in DC. We booked at room at the uber-trendy Donovan House on Thomas Circle and headed on down the pike.

Ya gotta love DC. In less than 48 hours we watched a free concert with Nicholas Peyton at the Sylvan Amphitheatre on the National Mall, witnessed, though briefly, the 4th Annual World Naked Bike Ride as it rolled down 14th Street, watched the Capital Pride Parade as it culminated in front of our hotel and drove through the middle of a pro democracy demonstration by expatriate Iranians on Wisconsin Avenue on the way to Georgetown for brunch.

We got back to Ellicott City around 3:30 and now CG and Mama Wordbones have headed over to LakeFest to watch the Glenelg Jazz Ensemble. As for me, I’ve opted to stay home with the dogs. I think I may be suffering from a minor case of sensory overload.