Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marc Fishers Last Column

Washington Post Metro columnist Marc Fisher wrote his last column for the paper today. In it he recounts the highs and lows of over his 1,250 column run and reflects on how the Web has altered “the relationship between writer and reader.” 

It’s a good read from a good writer. 

Marc has weighed in on our local scene in some of those 1,250 columns. When the poinsettia tree dust up with The Mall was going on he wrote about it twice and more recently he wrote this column about Columbia resident Judge Lynn Battaglia and her ruling protecting the anonymity of people who post on blogs and message boards. 

For his next act in life, Marc intends to put together “a group of writers whose job it will be to tell the truths of the Washington area in compelling and essential ways, combining traditional storytelling with new forms that involve and engage the people who live here.” 

A big wag of the tail to Marc and his new endeavor. We look forward to learning more about it.


Tom said...

Another nail in the newspaper industry's coffin.