Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Lesson in Independence

For the past three years, Mama Wordbones and I have hosted a neighborhood gathering on the 3rd of July. Our Ellicott City community is only three years old and this is our little way helping new neighbors get connected with each other.

Each year I have purchased a patriotic trinket to hand out to the kids at the party. As I noted in this post from last year, finding Independence Day items in local stores can be oddly problematic. Last year, MaryKate Murray suggested that for future parties I check out the Oriental Trading Company.

This year I took her advice. The Oriental Trading Company has a huge amount of Independence Day items. I settled on the ribbon with star pictured above and placed my order. When the ribbons arrived, I noticed something that wasn’t shown in the sample picture on the website. Each individually wrapped ribbon also had a “Made in China” sticker on it.

My first thought was to go through the two dozen packages and remove these oval gold stickers. Then I changed my mind. This could actually be a teaching moment. Considering that the bulk of our national debt is held by China, it seems appropriate to recognize this relationship on the day we celebrate our “independence.”