Monday, June 22, 2009

Graffiti Artist Nabbed

Last month, in this post, I posted a picture of a large graffiti mural on the Verizon building on Oakland Mills Road in Columbia this spring. Today I received the following email from Councilperson Dr. Calvin Ball:

"On your blog, you as well as others have shared concerns regarding the graffiti mural on the Verizon building located on Oakland Mills Road. After sharing your concerns with the Howard County Police Department, an investigation was underway. With the assistance of Oakland Mills High School administrators and the Oakland Mills High School Resource Officer, a juvenile suspect was interviewed and was subsequently charged with destruction of property.

The Verizon Supervisor has been contacted to have the graffiti removed from the building. We were assured that it would be removed within the week.

Thanks Doctor C. Maybe we’re not so much like Brooklyn after all.

UPDATE 4:38 PM: It seems as if the Verizon facilities folks are on top of things. I just drove by the building and its already been cleaned up.


Jack said...


Anonymous said...

I wish Councilwoman Watson would take an interest in the shooting on an innocent man’s dog during a botched police raid that occurred in her district.

When the council isn’t needed for a simple graffiti case, they act. When they are needed to rein in the police, they cower.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Councilman Ball,Mr. Eastham (OMHS), all the folks at OMHS and the SRO. You are a great team, I'm proud to be a part of Oakland Mills.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can all rest easy. A graffiti artist is in custody. Thank goodness.

Though per anon above, storming into an innocent person's house and shooting their dog in front of their 12 year old child is fine.

Thanks for the fine contributions, WB.

Anonymous said...

Much of the problem is that the police union are very good to the local elected people. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them.

Anonymous said...

I heard that! said...

As recently as last week (haven't been by since then), there were patches of "artwork" on both sides of Dobbin near WalMart. Same perp, I wonder?