Tuesday, June 02, 2009

That’s No Chicken

I’m no farm boy but this sure looks more like a rooster to me. In this story by Derek Simmonsen in The Columbia Flier, he identified one of the new sculptures at Merriweather Post Pavilion as “a 15-foot-tall chicken made out of farm equipment.”

Under I.M.P. stewardship, the outdoor music pavilion has added several whimsical sculptures to the grounds. One of my personal favorites is the tree truck.


Black Bunny said...

That doesn't look anything like a chicken!!

Anonymous said...

I think those trees looked much better alive. Are/were those trees among the ones that are/have been numbered on those grounds to better preserve them? Trees of that size are afforded certain protections in Columbia, aren't they?

Fowl tip: both roosters and hens are chickens.

CJB said...

The truck with tree picture looks like the remnants of the disastrous "Who" concert from the very early Pavilion years. Maybe a burned golf cart and twisted fencing would be a good memorial.

Actually, maybe they should really commemorate some of the more famous shows of the past in some form of art on the grounds...The album cover of "Running on Empty", "Dark Side of the Moon", etc.