Thursday, June 18, 2009

Watch Dogs

There is a nice article by John-John Williams IV in The Sun today about Dads getting involved with local schools. The story leads off with a piece about Columbian Mark Scott and his volunteer service at Talbott Springs Elementary School in the Village of Oakland Mills. Scott is part of a program called Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Students) “which encourages fathers or adult males to spend the day at school, where they do everything from assisting teachers with lessons to eating lunch with students.”
Having recently spent some time volunteering as a coach for the Simulated Congressional Hearings at Worthington Elementary School in Ellicott City I have witnessed first hand the fact that there are more moms than dads volunteering in the schools. This program and others like the Meals with Magnificent Men at Cradlerock School in Owen Brown Village are trying to “overcome a traditional bias about gender roles in schools and exposing children to a wider range of role models and mentors.”

Not only is this important for the kids, its pretty fun for dads too.