Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pure Pleasure

Last night Mama Wordbones and I were in the mood for something light for dinner. The problem was that neither of us could specifically articulate what that actually meant in terms of a restaurant choice.

We decided to decide while simultaneously checking out the newly opened Pure Wine Café on Main Street in Ellicott City. The plan was to have an appetizer and a glass of wine while we plotted our evenings eating strategy.

Last December I posted that I was not going to do restaurant reviews anymore on Tales of Two Cities. For one, there are local bloggers like HowChow who are doing a better job than I could ever hope to. Also, I am not what you might refer to as a “foodie” or a “gourmet.” I’m pretty much a meat and potatoes dog. That being said, I could not resist writing a post about our experience.

Last night it was almost as if my taste buds went to a theme park. We tried things we’d never heard of and when we didn’t recognize an item on the menu, our lovely server, Katie, enthusiastically provided a description. It wasn’t long before I was happily stuffing my peppadews with whipped chevre and shallots. The wine was pretty good too.

Before long we were happily eating our way through the small menu of tapas and flatbreads. Unwittingly we had stumbled across our “something light.” We never went anywhere else.

Pure Wine Café is a small place, less than 50 seats, in great spot. The warm atmosphere is nicely complemented a friendly staff. We will definitely return.