Friday, June 05, 2009

More Bad News for the Altieri’s

According to this story by Lorraine Mirabella in The Sun today, the Maryland Attorney’s General office is filing charges against the owners of the now seemingly defunct Altieri Homes.

“the Home Builder Registration Unit filed the charges against Altieri Enterprises Inc., trading as Altieri Homes and Athlone LLC of Columbia, along with principals Greig Altieri and Daren Altieri, for failing to comply with state consumer protection laws relating to builder registration, custom-home building and deposits on new homes.”

This past March, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection also filed suit against the Atlieri’s.

The company used to be headquartered on Red Branch Road in Columbia but that office was closed earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

It's time the Altieri's get what's (hopefully) coming to them. We, as the homeowners they've screwed over, deserve to have justice served. Monday, hopefully, is the beginning of that happening.