Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lazy Days on Main Street

“Let’s meet at Sharkey’s”

My buddy Alan and I were trying to get together for a drink after work last Thursday. Since we live close to downtown Ellicott City he suggested we meet up at Upstairs at Sharkey’s on Main Street.

“Every time I’d tried to go there in the past it hasn’t been open,” I replied.

“It’ll be open this afternoon at 4:30,” he assured me. Alan has been my friend since we were in high school many moons ago. When he assures me it carries some weight.

Before I got to the door of the bar, Alan waived me into Sweet Cascades, the candy store next to Sharkey’s.

“He’s not here yet, “Alan explained. It was a few minutes past 4:30. I couldn’t resist a “told ya so.”
While waiting in the candy store I struck up a conversation with the proprietor, Sue. As we waited for Sharkey’s to open, she indulged us with samples of her unique confections like the chocolate crabs dusted with Old Bay seasoning. This didn’t sound appetizing at first but the combination of flavors was surprisingly good. The chocolate crabs are available in white, dark and milk chocolate. You can also buy them by the bushel.

Finally, around 5:00 PM, Sharkey arrived and opened his bar. Alan and I walked up the steps to the little bar atop Johnny’s Bistro on Main Street. Sharkey apologized for the late opening explaining that he was a little under the weather.

This is how it goes in the old town on week nights, especially for the smaller establishments like Sharkey’s. Sharkey is the only employee at Sharkey’s. There just isn’t enough business to add another bartender.

As it stands, Alan and I were Sharkey’s only customers that early Thursday evening. When we left after a couple of beers, the bar was empty.


Dick said...

Sharkey's is really a cool place. It's a great place to have a chat over some drinks without having to yell. I wish I had more time to patronize it. The bar may need a little something more to it, but if I were still in that stage of life were I frequented bars, I'm sure I'd be a regular.

I also have to pipe up about Sue at Sweet Cascades. She was a complete bitch to me and my friends when we visited once. Sorry for the harsh language, but that's mild compared to how I feel.

My girlfriend and I (we live on the street) took her cousin from out of state to see the sights on Main and we wanted to show him the chocolate shop with the Old Bay chocolates. My girlfriend's cousin, smitten with the street, was taking picture after picture. He snapped a shot of the shop and this Sue lady became incensed that he didn't ask permission. Give me a break. Taking a picture of someone's store should be a compliment, in a tourist town no-less. Still, we stuck around to try to find something we might want to buy to make amends and make it worth her time, but she made it obvious that we weren't welcome, so we left mid-conversation.

That's no way to treat customers. You must of gotten express consent for the photo. I recommend it to everyone I know to avoid the place.