Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maryland to Secede from the South

According to this column by Jay Hancock in The Sun yesterday, Maryland legistlative leaders Mike Miller and Mike Busch “have asked a government trade group to remove Maryland from the company of Tennessee and Oklahoma in its Southern region and place it with New York and Vermont in the Eastern division”

The Senate and House leaders believe that, despite the long held view that the Mason Dixon line divides the north from the south, Maryland has more in common with its northern neighbors than it does with its southern brethren.

“Maryland might be below the Mason-Dixon Line. It might have staffed its factories with migrants from South Carolina, West Virginia and Tennessee. But these days it's as Southern as clambakes and Nancy Pelosi.”


I’ve always felt that Maryland was truly a border state, combining the best attributes of the north with the best attributes of the south. The pace of life in the Free State is not as frenetic as it is in New York but it also isn’t as laid back as it is in Birmingham, Alabama. Marylanders seem to be friendlier than most northerners too. How many northerners call each other “hon?”

Then again, Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

Let's see
Nancy Pelosi is elected from California...California is going bankrupt....Nancy was born in Maryland...Will Maryland go bankrupt too?
I hear that Nancy's memory is so short on CIA updates that she would probably deny that she was born in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

I PRAY we remain "in the South" - southerners are ALWAYS the most congenial, laid back folk - unlike the vain, arrogant "bulldozer" mentality you always see in the North, especially the North-East, what a bunch'o "a-holes"

Anonymous said...

Being from Rural Anne Arundel County we are southern its PG and Montogomery County that think they influence us; we eat grits say hun and like sweetetea