Sunday, June 07, 2009

White Feather

Yestersday, I took Peanut and two of her friends for a little hike bike down the Grist Mill Trail in the Patapsco Valley State Park. We parked the car beneath the railroad bridge on Ilchester Road in Ellicott City and set off across the swinging bridge. Our ultimate destination was Cascade Falls.

As we navigated the path though the woods we came across a fellow who was all tricked out as a Native American. He told us that his name was White Feather.

White Feather claimed to have some “Cherokee” in his ancestral lineage. He told me he has been coming to the falls for about seven years. I think he has taken it upon himself to be a sort of spiritual guardian of this area of the park.


The kids, though a bit scared at first, soon realized that he was relatively harmless and they all enjoyed telling their parents that they met a real “Indian” in the woods.


Jack said...

The return of the Village People!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! White Feather is still there! I ran into him today by Cascade Falls. He shared a bit of wisdom with my son and his friends. :o)

Anonymous said...

I was hiking with my husband on Easter day and noticed a Native American standing up above the trail among the trees - motionless - I was intrigued - I called out and asked him his name and he replied White Feather - I wish I would have asked him to talk but I thought he just wanted to observe his surroundings. Pretty interesting - he wants to own some of his past and interest others as he watches.