Thursday, June 25, 2009

US Cyber Command Headed to Fort Meade

The Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert M. Gates, is recommending that President Obama “redesignate the position of Director, National Security Agency to Director, National Security Agency and Commander, U.S. Cyber Command.”

He is further advocating that the headquarters of this new command be located at Fort Meade. The Secretary envisions this command to be fully operational by October 2010.

This could be a huge economic win for our area. As noted in an earlier post, the Cyber Security Initiative could easily top $100 billion.

That’s billion…with a “b.”


PZGURU said...

Government spending BILLIONS of dollars is hardly ever a winning situation since that money comes out of tax payers' pockets. I could care less that it might "benefit" our particular neck of the country if it is nothing more than unneeded government wasting/spending of money.

Anonymous said...

Wasteful spending usually looks wasteful until something goes wrong. Most people who don't work with security/defense won't understand it as well, and they shouldn't since things like that are not (and should not be) discussed so outwardly. However, I do agree that a lot of spending is wasteful b/c of inefficiencies on how things are done in government. I think if security/gov't jobs were run with more efficiency, there wouldn't be as much bashing on these types of programs.

Tom said...

Is this bigger news than BRAC?