Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Good Day for a Mow

It began at seven o’clock this morning. We lay in our bed with the windows open allowing in the uncommonly cool air on a midsummer’s eve. In the distance we heard that familiar rumble of a two cycle lawn mower engine. It had already started.

It was inevitable. I haven’t been counting but it seems like we’ve haven’t had a dry day in over a week. This is prime grass growing weather.

I cut my own lawn. We don’t have a service. We have a small lawn that takes a little over an hour to cut with my eco-friendly electric mower. All of my immediate neighbors cut their own lawns as well. In a period of normal weather we will cut and trim at similar but different schedules.

Today we were all on the same schedule. In an odd sort of communal effort, every dad in our little corner of the world cut his grass today, including me. The last guy just started.

Happy Fathers Day!