Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Scene This Week In…

We waste no time at our house dismantling Christmas. By noon yesterday 98.7% of Christmas was taken down and boxed away for the next twelve months. That includes the tree.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am real tree guy, partially because I’m old school but also because I think it’s the environmentally correct thing to do. That means, to complete the cycle, I recycle my tree for mulch. Fortunately, HoCo is very accommodating in this regard, offering but curbside pick up and drop off stations scattered around the county.
In Columbia there are drop off areas at Grandfathers Garden Center, River Hill Garden Center, Kendalls Hardware and Cedar Lane Park.
After first mistakenly turning into the park entrance off Route 108, I found the drop off point just inside the Cedar Lane entrance. As I pulled up I met Eric Sandoval adding his family tree to the growing pile of evergreens. I commented that I recalled a teacher named Sandoval back at Wilde Lake High School and he told me that he’d just graduated last year from Wilde Lake!

Go Wildecats!
 In my Ellicott City neighborhood we have curbside yard waste pick up which means I also have curbside tree pick up on yard waste days. I wanted to confirm that curb service would continue through January 20th  when yard waste collection officially ends for the winter, so I called.

“What’s your address?”

After giving my address I was told that I have year round yard waste collection because some in my neighborhood are participating in the food scraps recycling pilot program. That means that even those of us who are not in the program benefit from the fact that the recycling trucks are already scheduled in be in our neighborhood.

So at least I’ve got that working for me, which is nice.
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