Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eco Harvest

Yesterday the HoCo Ofice of Environmental Sustainability held one of their “shredding events” at the Meadowbrook Park & Ride in Ellicott City. They also had a dumpster to collect unwanted electronic stuff.

Looking at the collection of computers tossed in the bin I was once again reminded of how old I am. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that some of this stuff was cutting edge.

A public works guy named Allen told me that county collects about 70 tons of this stuff every month. I asked him it all goes E-Structors in Elkridge.

“We used to send it there but now it goes to a company called Creative.”

Instead being deconstructed in HoCo, the electronic cast-offs now travel to a Creative Recycling facility in Allentown.

According to Allen, E-Structors was charging the county five cents a pound to take the stuff while Creative pays the county two and a half cents a pound.

That makes cents.
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