Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ellen Ellen Ellen!

Much has already been written about the marathon Board of Education meeting last week where Brian Meshkin’s whiny antics dominated the proceedings. He told his fellow board members that he was “heartbroken” and his “feelings were hurt,” at the way he was treated for asking the board to accommodate his absence. Brian is the CEO of a struggling medical supplement company based in Los Angeles but he lives in Maple Lawn. How he ever thought he could adequately perform his board duties while traveling the west coast every other week is beyond me.

But that issue has already been addressed in this post on HoCo Rising.

The best part of the evening, as far as I'm concerned, was when Allen Dyer tried to make this board blow up all about him. Board member Ellen Flynn Giles was having none of that and gave him a pretty solid smack down.

Ellen is running for reelection this year. In the primary on April 3rd, the field of fifteen candidates for the three open board seats will be winnowed down to six. Though I plan to wait until after the candidates forum on March 5th to make my final choice of two, one spot for me has already been filled by Ellen Flynn Giles. She has easily earned my vote for reelection. 
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