Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fall Fundraising Season

The fall fundraising season for HoCo loco politicos is kicking into high gear. As winter approaches the incumbents are stocking their larders for campaigns as yet unannounced.

Allan Kittleman kicks things off this Sunday with his 5th Annual Kittleman Family picnic at the family farm in West Friendship.  Unlike some of the other events, Allan’s is a family event complete with the requisite moon bounce. The state senator is presumably building his war chest just in case he decides to run for county exec in 2014.

Next Thursday Mary Kay Sigaty is throwing a little shindig at The Coho Grill in Hobbits Glen. Her gathering will be an early evening affair with adult beverages. I’m not sure what Mary Kay is considering for her next move. She may decide to run for a third term on the council but some HoCo loco pundits think she might have an eye on a desk in Annapolis.

On the 26th Courtney Watson will hold an Oktoberfest at Serafinos in Ellicott City. It’s no secret that Courtney also covets the county exec job in 2014. She’ll need to have a few more fundraisers to catch up with Guy Guzzone who is the current execs handpicked successor.

And speaking of the current exec, Ken Ulman is also on the fall calenadar with a fundraiser scheduled for November 10th in the Spear Center in Columbia Town Center. We already know what he’s running for.
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