Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Gathering of the Tribe

After two years of taping our podcasts on Friday afternoons, we moved out of comfort zone in order to share our 50th show with our brethren in the HoCo blogging community.

There is a good reason it’s called a comfort zone. When Paul and I met up at the Riverside Coffee Shop yesterday afternoon before the blogtail party it felt just a little uncomfortable. After doing forty-nine of these shows we have developed our own circadian rhythm. 

This wasn’t actually the first time we’ve deviated from that Friday afternoon time slot. Back in August of 2010 we taped an early evening show at the HoCo Fair but that was over a year ago.

Still, it was fun to share our fiftieth with the dynamic HoCo blogging community and once we slipped on our headphones we slid right back in our well-practiced groove.

There was a good mojo in the room too. About 100 bloggers, blog readers, and even two county councilpersons showed up at the Stanford Grill to help us celebrate.  That was very cool.

For this episode we decided to forgo our usual format. To spice up the HoCo loco news recap we asked Tom Coale and Lindsey McPherson to join us for some spirited banter about the hot loco topics like school board reform and goose poop. After that HowChow sat down with us to share some of his observations on the HoCo loco food scene. He even offered some HoCo loco suggestions for things to bring to your Thanksgiving dinner.

After all that we took the show to the party, walking around with wireless microphones picking out partygoers at random to chat with.  For the most part this worked out well except for a moment when I suddenly started picking up the signal from WAMU on my transmitter.

This ended up being our longest show so far, almost an hour.

Thanks to all who came out and made it work. Sometimes stepping out of that comfort zone thing can be pretty refreshing.

You can listen to the podcast at the party here.

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