Friday, October 28, 2011

Dyer Loses Round One

Allen Dyer’s attempt to quash the effort to remove him from the HoCo school board was dealt a setback Wednesday when administrative law judge Douglas Koteen refused to dismiss the case. According to this article by Joe Burris in The Sun, Dyer’s attornery, Harold Burns, had argued “that the complaint against Dyer has no merit because it does not give details or evidence to support the charges against him.”

“In his decision issued Wednesday, Koteen said that a June 24 letter from the local school board that was sent to Dyer and the state board provided additional information regarding its removal request. He said the letter included the meaning of the charge of misconduct in office and examples of alleged violations.”

The judge has scheduled a five day hearing to begin on May 7th. Until that time Dyer will continue to hold his seat on the board and presumably begin campaigning for another term.
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