Monday, October 24, 2011

Three Congressmen for Elkridge

Last night I had a chance to spend a few moments with Jim Robey at the Taste and Auction of HoCo. We spoke very briefly about the congressional redistricting and the special session of the General Assembly. I got the distinct impression that he was not exactly proud of the results of their efforts.

That’s understandable. The partisan gerrymandering that shapes these districts is almost juvenile. It has nothing to do with serving the people and just because the Dems crayons were used this time around don’t think for a minute that the Repubs crayons would draw any better picture. This is just how politics plays, always has been and likely always will be.

Since HoCo will now have three representatives in Congress, I was curious to see if my district had changed. Fortunately, the state has provided this handy little interactive map that allowed me to plug in my street and zip code to find out my district.

I discovered that, with the exception of the new Shipley's Grant neighborhood, most of Ellicott City remains in District 7 which is currently represented by Elijah Cumings.

Elkridge, on the other hand, got chopped up into districts two, three and seven.

As if this community needed any more division
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