Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Village Loses a Grocery

The long predicted closing of the Long Reach Safeway is now official. According to this story by David Greisman in Explore Howard, the grocery anchor in the Long Reach Village Center “will close Saturday, Nov. 5, according to a company spokesman.”

“That the Safeway will close did not come as a surprise to Rita Seidelman, the village community association's assistant administrator.

"Their shelves haven't been very well-stocked in a long time," Seidelman said. "The store seems very empty."

The closing may actually be a blessing in disguise. The article also notes the village centers new owner has indicated that another grocer may take over the space after Safeway leaves.

“Long Reach village board member Nina Basu said the shopping center's owner, America's Realty, noted in a letter to the village administrator that another grocery store would replace the Safeway. Though the letter didn't name the company, Basu said the new tenant was described as "a high-end store" that will have a café with wireless Internet inside.”

Perhaps this could be another opportunity for Green Valley Markets.
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