Friday, October 28, 2011


I cancelled my print edition of The Sun today. It wasn’t easy. I’ve been a loyal print subscriber for over twenty years. Picking up the paper from my driveway in the morning has been part of my daily routine for as long as I can remember. I really didn’t want to end this relationship either. They made me do it.

Last month, the paper announced that they were going to begin charging for online content. I have no problem with that. Yet unlike The New York Times which began charging for its online content earlier this year, The Sun did not offer online content free to print subscribers. They did offer a discount for its print people but it still felt like paying twice for the same content.

They also didn’t make the transition easy. When I called to cancel my print subscription I was told I had to call another number to activate my digital subscription. When I called the second number I got routed back to the print subscriptions.

I hung up and signed up online.

I should be happy because I’m saving money. Instead of paying $5.17 a week I now pay $1.92 and I don’t have to tip my carrier either. In time I suppose I’ll grow accustomed to my new digital date with The Sun but right now it feels sort of like losing an old friend.
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