Friday, October 14, 2011

WAPO and the Blogs

When The Washington Post unveiled their redesigned web presence back in March, I noted that they appeared to have dropped their local blog directory. As it turns out the directory eventually reappeared, though it was buried deep within the site. Consequently, the Post barely registers as a referring site for Tales of Two Cities. By comparison, The Sun is now the top referring site here.

That may be about to change. Earlier this week I received an email from Andy Smith and Katie Rogers announcing that The Post will soon “launch a Local Blog Directory with new navigation and a new design that will help us better feature links to your sites and posts.”

That would be cool.

HoCo is a real tweener market with roughly half of the population aligned with DC and half with B-More. It would seem to make good business sense for a media company like The Post to reach out to the voices in the HoCo loco blogging community.

Stay tuned.
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