Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Good Discussion


When we originally thought of having a state legislative wrap up show we decided that Ed Kasemeyer might make a good guest. He is one of the few loco politcos that we haven’t had on and he is now arguably the second most powerful person in the Maryland Senate. Unfortunately, because of an apparent miscommunication with his staff, we were unable to get him for yesterdays show. Fortunately, Allan Kittleman was more than happy to fill the spot.

Allan was one of the first guests on the podcast, joining us for the sixth show back in January of 2010. Paul and I were still pretty new at this and Allan was not only a state senator representing District 9, he was also the minority leader. Thirty four episodes later Paul and I  are much more comfortable with each other the show and Allan is no longer minority leader freeing him to speak more independently. In episode six Allan was all suited up. Yesterday he wore a golf shirt.

After episode six I lamented the fact that I didn’t challenge Allan on the pollution caused by chicken houses on the eastern shore. Though we didn’t revisit chicken houses, we did have a spirited discussion about the recent legislation to allow the children of illegal immigrants in state tuition at our public colleges and universities. Even though I was the odd man out on that debate, I thought the exchange was informative.

We also made an error of omission when we pointed out that Allan was our first repeat guest. In fact, my HoCo loco blogging brethren, Tom Coale has been on  our show twice as well. He was on episode 20 as our  "two minute" guest and on episode 27 as our main guest.

You can listen to the latest episode of “and there’s that…” here.
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