Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Roadblock Rage

When the signs first went up announcing the closure of the eastbound ramp to Route 175 from Route 29 I thought to myself, “How long could this be?”

This is a major connecting point after all. Surely this would only be a matter of days I reasoned.

As someone who regularly traverses this route, this closure presents more than a minor inconvenience. As the closure stretched on for weeks instead of days I would sometimes forget about it until it was too late. This usually meant traveling pretty far out of my way in order to circle back to where I wanted to go. Inevitably this would occur when I had precious few minutes to spare.

Arrghh! These unanticipated detours have even occasionally led to case of roadblock rage.

It’s now been over a month.

Last week I finally had enough and emailed Calvin Ball to find out what was up.  It turns out that he didn’t know either. Forget about school boards and charter reviews I told him, this is the kind of HoCo loco stuff that people really care about! He promised to look into it.

Yesterday, I received a special construction edition of the Calvin Ball Bulletin. In it, the District 2 councilperson informes us that we can expect the ramp to reopen sometime around November 14th.

Weather permitting of course.

Thank you Dr. Ball. 
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