Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Governor Ulman

Last night a group of HoCo loco politico watchers gathered over drinks to ruminate about the future political aspirations of some our loco politico leaders. This was the third time our little fellowship has come together, the last time was in early October, before the elections. We figured it was time to regroup and take stock of things.

Probably the worst kept secret in HoCo loco politico circles is the fact that Ken Ulman, our newly reelected term limited county executive, is laying the groundwork for a run for governor. The group was divided on his chances but some felt that having Ken in the governors mansion would be good for HoCo. The last county exec to take a shot at the top state job was Chuck Ecker in 1998. Chuck was bested in the Repub primary by Ellen Saurerbrey. Ellen went on to lose a close race with the Dem, Parris Glendening.

Ken isn’t the only Dem with gubernatorial aspirations, Peter Franchot, the State Comptroller and Doug Gansler the States Attorney are said to be preparing their own runs. Of course it’s early and lots can happen between now and 2014. Someone below our radar could emerge upon the scene. In fact, I’ve heard some insiders suggest that this election could go to a woman. She would have to be a Dem of course.

The top job in HoCo is also in play. Right now, the most likely suspects are Courtney Watson and Guy Guzzone for the Dems and Alan Kittleman for the Repubs. One of the participants suggested that Guy may opt to run for Jim Robey’s senate seat instead. Jim is expected to retire after this term and Guy seems to enjoy his role as a behind the scenes power broker. On the Repub side Sandy Schrader may contemplate a campaign to retake that seat. She lost it to Jim in 2006 in a contest that got a little dirty.

Everyone had an opinion about Brian Meshkin too. The consensus was that if Greg Fox decides not to seek a third term that Brian would move to District 5 and run as a Repub for that council seat. On the other hand, if Greg does decide to seek reelection in 2014, Brian may be tempted to take a run for county executive. One of the group thought that, from now on, we should simply refer to Brian as “The Amazing.”

I still like The Amazing Meshkin better.

The public house we chose for our gathering this time was Aida Bistro and Wine Bar. It was perfect, not too crowded, not too loud and Dan, the bartender, saw to it that our wine glasses were never empty throughout the evening. I like that in a public house.
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