Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I’ve been all over the place today. After dropping Peanut off at school, I slipped down to my new favorite coffee shop before heading up to the Howard County Circuit Court building. I wanted to see how many folks would turn out for the hearing on the lawsuit by Marc Norman, et al against the Howard County Board of Elections.

The short answer to that question is not many, maybe 10, including plaintiffs. I’ll leave the long answer as to what actually transpired at the hearing in Judge McCrone’s courtroom to Larry Carson. I had to leave before they got around to it. It was scheduled to be heard at 9:00 AM but by 10:00 AM they judge was still hearing testimony on the Michelle Fox sentencing case that was on the docket before the lawsuit.

It certainly was a bad day for Michelle Fox.

Anyway, I couldn’t stick around because I had to get to my real job. I needed to get some work done before heading off to Town Center to tape the inaugural podcast of “And Then There’s That” at 1:00 PM.

As I was getting out of my car in the pouring rain, Brian Dunn pulled up and asked me I was going to the protest.

The protest?

Apparently some foes of GGP’s Town Center redevelopment plans had scheduled a protest somewhere in Town Center. Who knew?

I found out later that it had been postponed because of rain. Now that’s some real passion for you…

After wrapping up the podcast, as I buzzed back over to Ellicott City to pick Peanut up from school, my phone rang.

It was Marc Norman. Yes you heard right, the same Marc Norman I have often criticized on Tales of Two Cities.

We’ve agreed to get together for coffee the week before Thanksgiving.

There is much more could write about but I promised Mama Wordbones that I’d be available for adult beverages at 5:00 PM. Time to go.

Stay tuned.


Bob O said...


One of the problems with hearings like this is that most of the people involved have actual jobs that require them to be there. Even on Friday mornings.

Having them in the evening would go a long way towards engendering civic involvement. But then, the people involved with setting up the hearings...have jobs, like this, that require them to be at work organizing the hearings on a Friday morning. Mr. Norman does not represent me, but he seems to have some points.

I feel like Joe Heller. Catch 22.

Anyway, glad to hear that you're in touch with Mr. Norman. I'd be happy to swing by when you all have coffee, if you and he agree. z

Just one point: shouldn't government for the people and by the people adhere to the people's schedules?

Bob O said...

Adult beverages, good stuff. Let's get together, again.