Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The GOP on GGP

With the county elections just one year away, the line up of Republican challengers to the Democratic majority in Howard County is still in flux. Even Bob Flanagan, who has already launched a website, hasn’t yet formally announced his candidacy.

Last month, in this article by Larry Carson in The Sun, Trent Kittleman indicated that “she's seriously considering running for county executive next year,” while Dennis Schrader who has been eyeing a possible challenge to Jen Terassa in District 3 was quoted in the same article saying “ I've moved into taking a more serious look at it."

You would think these “potential” candidates would be buoyed by the GOP gains in the statewide elections held last week in Virginia and New Jersey. Now would seem like a good time to seize on that momentum and announce their intentions.

Or could it be that they are watching to see how General Growths proposed redevelopment plans for Town Center play out in public over the next few months?

Those opposed to GGP’s plans have made it known that they will actively work for new leadership in the next council elections. If the majority Democratic council ends up approving GGP’s plans will the GOP candidates be tempted to pander to those who feel the county “sold out” to the development community?

My guess is that the “unannounced” GOP candidates will wait to see how the strongly the political winds blow on this hot button issue.


Anonymous said...

I would think Republicans would also be motivated by the utter failure of Ulman's Healthy Howard spend-a-thon.

Oh, and the whole exaggerated CV thing which Ulman never addressed.

Bob O said...

I'd like to have more background material on all of these candidates. Could you do a candidate round up, with web references to each of your summaries? That would be interesting and informative for those of us who are new to HoCo, but who have seen this all before.

BTW, no opinion here, but didn't Healthy Howard only end up reaching about ten percent of it's target? Good planning there....

Anonymous said...

Probably 80% of voters don't know anything substantive about elected locals.

But ask the same 80% if incumbents are working for developers and they'll likely say yes.

These 80% elect our locals and so this bodes well for challengers in 2010.

Sarah said...

Parties mean different things at the local level. For example, Republicans in recent years at the national level seem more interested "social" conservatism and not actual Republican ideals. But at the local level, I'd be more likely to vote for a republican because of the fiscal conservative-ness. So for me, the governor races in NJ and VA have very little to do with who I vote for at a very local level.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, it's not that those elections influence voters elsewhere, it's an indication of the direction voters in general might go.

Sarah said...

Anon-- I might not have been clear. I'm just saying that the political winds are different animals and I don't think that those governor races are indicative of how voters will go here locally.

Anonymous said...

Anon. & Bob O.:
Ulman is very blessed to preside over a wealthy county which has very few uninsured (my family being 4). He is to be commended in my judgement for putting forth a plan that would be more "successful" if there were more uninsured, like, say, PG County.

WB: I don't think anyone could successfully challenge Ulman. He's plodded a careful course.

Anonymous said...

Interesting numbers on party leanings:
HoCoRising Blog

Anonymous said...

What's interesting about that? Seems more like a lame attempt to market another blog.

Anonymous said...

an85crownvic- Ulman is very blessed to lord over a county where he is judged on his intentions rather than his actual results. What a great advantage to have.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43, yes, I do like that blog though I'm not associated with the host.

And the numbers are significant. First, it was a Gallop poll (credible). Second, it demonstrates a switch in party leanings particularly by Independents who have been deciding elections lately.

It's news, and for those interested in 2010 (read post on this site about prospective candidates), it's interesting.

Since I didn't say everyone would be interested, your comment smacks of immaturity.

Anonymous said...

Who is HoCoRising?

Bob O said...

Interesting comments. Excellent point about doing "Healthy Howard" in Howard County, one of the most affluent counties in the entire country. What, are there, like 200 people who don't have health care here?

It would be interesting to see Ken U. do this as executive of PG County, or maybe some rural outback in Arkansas.

And, interesting point about Ken's "intentions." I have to say that I meet a lot of people here in HoCo who seem to be extremely interested in doing good for the "unenfranschised" from the living rooms of ther 7000 square foot million dollar homes, and then have a hard time deciding whether to drive their Hummer or their Corvette to work the next day. Both have "Change you can belive in" bumper stickers, so that's a moot point.

Okay, rant ended.

I would like to have more background information on local candidates, so I'm open to information for all sources! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ulman's background is constantly shifting to suit his political needs. Any suspicions about Ulman's CV were confirmed once he erased his CV from his official bio page right after the election.

Bob O said...